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Licensee Registration is for individuals or organisations who are formally licensed/recognised to deliver programs that have successfully met both Provider and Program Registration and would like to have their activity/ies listed and searchable on the Healthy Living Network by potential participants, health and community professionals and workplaces.

Applicants are required to first complete the online Licensee Registration and attach supporting information relevant to the program they are licensed to deliver, such as a copy of your current training certificate.

If you are a licensee for a Provider and Program that is not registered and listed on the Healthy Living Network we suggest you contact the Provider and tell them about the Healthy Living Network and Quality Framework Registration.

Program providers or sole providers that intend to deliver other programs which do not operate under a licensing agreement will need to complete Provider and Program Registration.

If you unsure about whether you should register as a Licensee or Provider contact the Healthy Living Network or call 1300 456 000.

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Activity Registration

Activity registration is for an on-the-ground occurrence of an approved program that is to be delivered to participants. All approved Activity Registration applications will be listed and searchable on the Healthy Living Network.

Online Activity Registration is a short online process that should take approximately 5 to 10 minutes for each listing (each occurrence/venue/location), which asks for contact information, location, target audience and a brief description of the activity. You are required to submit a completed risk assessment for each Activity Registration application. An Activity Risk Assessment template is available for your use which can be found in the resources section of the site.

Note: The Provider and/or venue should already have a suitable risk assessment template to provide you with.

To start an Activity registration application, you first need to complete either:

  • a Provider and Program Registration application OR
  • a Licensee Registration application.

Either of these options will need to have been successfully approved before your Activity Registration Application is approved.

Once approved your activity/ies will be listed and searchable by potential participants, health professionals and workplaces on the Healthy Living Network.

Unless specified, activities cannot be varied from the submitted program outline. When completing the online Activity Registration questionnaire, certain information regarding the approved program will be pre-populated and cannot be varied.

To start a licensee registration application, you first need to have create a New User Account. You will be sent an automatic verification email. You will need to verify your email address before logging on. Please also check your junk mail in case your verification email has been sent there.

Still unsure what to register as? Use our online Registration Decision Tree to guide you to the correct registration process for you. You can also call us on 1300 456 000 or email and will be happy to support you through the registration journey.

Call 1300 HLN 000
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