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Program Registration is for program developers and owners who wish to have their program formally recognised and/or make their program available for use by others.

The Program Registration Guides in the Resources Section outline all the relevant information necessary for those interested in registering a program under the Healthy Communities and/or Healthy Workers Quality Framework Registration. It is important that you read all three of the relevant Registration Guides prior to commencing your Registration application to ensure understanding of the process and to save time and effort.

Program Registration is applicable to:

  • those who want to have their program listed on the Healthy Living Network registration portal,
  • those who are undergoing the Provider Registration and also want to have program/s assessed and registered,
  • those who have developed healthy lifestyle programs and want to ensure the program is comprehensively described and meets quality criteria, and
  • those who would like to develop a program, can use the Program Registration as both a planning tool and criteria checklist.

In order to have an activity listed on the Healthy Living Network registration portal the online activity registration process will need to be completed for each activity. For more information read the fact Activity factsheet.

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The Healthy Living Network is a component of the Healthy Communities and Healthy Workers Initiatives
under the National Partnership Agreement on Preventive Health (NPAPH) funded by the Australian Government.