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Quality Framework

The Quality Framework (Healthy Communities and Healthy Workers)

  • supports the use of health promoting approaches
  • recognises the need to balance individual behaviour change and organisational culture with environmental improvements
  • recognises existing relevant accreditation, professional registration and credentialing schemes
  • recognises quality improvement frameworks that program providers/employers may currently follow
  • promotes the use of the current evidence base to ensure culturally, geographically, demographically and socio-economically appropriate and effective programs and intervention
  • supports capacity building and continual improvement
  • acknowledges different levels of risk and supports risk identification and appropriate risk mitigation
  • recognises and attempts to minimise the administrative burden (where possible) and streamlines administrative requirements
  • is voluntary
  • covers a variety of settings including community programs and workplaces
  • recognises and complements existing policies and requirements

The life of Quality Framework (Healthy Communities and Healthy Workers) registration is two years.

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The Healthy Living Network is a component of the Healthy Communities and Healthy Workers Initiatives
under the National Partnership Agreement on Preventive Health (NPAPH) funded by the Australian Government.