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Service/Program Providers

Providers have the opportunity to make a great impact on the lives of individuals through encouraging behaviour change and improving the health of individuals which can expand to the whole of the community.

Provider Registration has been developed for businesses, organisations, and sole providers who provide healthy living programs to workers and/or community members in a workplace and/or community setting.

A comprehensive approach to Provider Registration has been developed and is beneficial for a broad range of providers across the physical activity, healthy eating and healthy weight sectors. This also extends to smoking cessation and alcohol reduction in workplace setting.

Provider registration is based on self-assessment and third-party desk-top audit against criteria that are grouped in eight domains. There is are extensive Provider Registration Guide for Healthy Communities and Healthy Workers in the Resources Section which outline the justification, resources, templates and required evidence for each criterion.

The Quality Framework or Healthy Communities and Healthy Workers is based on four essential domains:

  • risk and safety,
  • effectiveness and appropriateness,
  • consumer and community engagement, and
  • access and equity

Service provision is then underpinned by the elements of:

  • workforce,
  • organisational capacity,
  • information management, and
  • continuous improvement.

Gaining Registration

It is essential that you thoroughly read each of the Healthy Communities and or Healthy Workers Guides: Quality Framework, Provider and Program Guides, before beginning the registration process. Then follow the suggested following steps to gain and maintain Registration:

  • Make a commitment
  • From a team to oversee the process
  • Undertake a structured process of self assessment: identifying and collating evidence and data to demonstrate achievement against the performance criteria
  • Develop an Action Plan for areas identified for quality improvement, focusing on high priority areas
  • Submit the on-line self assessment sample evidence and action plan

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