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Quality Framework & Principles

Workplace Principles

A lot is known about what contributes and inhibits successful workplace health promotion programs. A set of principles have been developed from this evidence base and are available for employers wishing to establish, maintain and improve healthy lifestyle programs within their workplaces.

These principles are supportive in nature, and can be utilised by workplaces wishing to establish healthy workplace programs. Workplaces can consider how each of these Principles can apply in a practical manner in their workplace, noting the high level of interdependency and interconnectivity between each principal. Adopting all the Principles will support an effective and sustainable approach to supporting healthier lifestyles across the workplace setting.

The principles will not be formally assessed but rather exist as a guide for workplaces. Further resources on the practical application of the principles are contained on the National Healthy Workers Portal at

The National Healthy Workers Portal web site is designed for workplaces and includes a range of information and resources to assist with making workplaces healthier by encouraging employees to Eat Well, Move More, maintain a Healthy Weight, be Smoke-free and reduce consumption of Alcohol.
The web site includes information and helpful tools on each of the five health issues above. The site also includes resources to assist employers to create and tailor their own healthy workplace program; covering planning, delivery and continuous improvement. The site includes information on health issues in specific industries and case studies where some Australian organisations share their experiences with delivering healthy living programs in their workplaces. You can also find resources developed by individual Australian states and territories.

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The Healthy Living Network is a component of the Healthy Communities and Healthy Workers Initiatives
under the National Partnership Agreement on Preventive Health (NPAPH) funded by the Australian Government.